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Thrive with AI-powered psychology πŸš€ Discover MindForest, the pioneering PsychoTech app that offers a transformative journey combining the expertise of psychology with the innovation of AI.

ForestMind AI Coach πŸ’–

Most Personable AI

Imagine an AI that truly gets you. ForestMind is not just smart; it's personable, offering advice and support that feels deeply human.

Grounded on Psychology

Built on a foundation of psychological principles, our app offers insights and exercises tailored to foster growth.

Insight Journal πŸ’ͺ

Automatic Journaling

Have your dialogues effortlessly captured and catalogued as insightful journal entries.

Discover Insight from Conversations

Every conversation is a chance to learn. ForestMind helps you uncover profound insights from your everyday chats.

Psychometrics πŸ”—

Know Thyself

Get to know yourself better with assessments that reveal the many facets of your personality.

Track your progress

Monitor your psychological development through interactive assessments and tailored feedback.

MindForest App is great for

Personal Growth
Career Sucess
Navigating Relationships


Can you see my messages sent to MindForest App? Are my messages private?

No, we can't see your messages. In simple terms, your messages are sent to Microsoft for AI processing without any identifying info, and then stored securely where only you can access them.

Here's how we've designed things for your privacy:

1. First up, we have a server that anonymises your message, stripping away any personal info, before it’s sent off to Microsoft Azure's server for the AI processing. This makes your message anonymous by the time it gets there, and our servers do not store your messages.

2. After we receive the processed message back from Azure (via our server), it's end-to-end encrypted on your device. This means it's turned into a secure code that only you can decode.

3. Once encrypted, your message is stored in Google Firebase. It’s like putting it into a digital vault where only you have the key.

However, it's important understand that while we ensure your message is anonymised before it's sent to Azure for processing, Microsoft will process the anonymised message in accordance with their data-privacy terms.

This is a necessary step for the AI to provide its services, but we take every measure to make sure your information is as private and secure as possible.

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